In the 84th Thessaloniki International Exhibition, the Institute for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Networks-IMET presents the highly innovative project SAFE STRIP.

The TIF event presented the work done by a team of collaborators under the guidance of Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) Technical Coordinator and Researcher, Maria Gemou, also SAFE STRIP technical coordinator as part of the SAFE STRIP project. It concerns vehicles equipped with advanced driver support systems, autonomous vehicles using I2X technologies as well as non-equipped vehicles receiving mobile alerts.  SAFE STRIP begins the first round of pilot tests on the Attica Road in October 2019, with trials continuing in Spain and Italy.

As stated by the Director of Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT), Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris, “The development of SAFE STRIP is expected to significantly increase road safety through valid and immediate road, environmental and traffic information, while at the same time the system aims to replace toll stations, current ‘smart’ parking applications as well and VMS (Freeway Variable Message Signs) ”.