European projects SAFER-LC and SAFE-10-T will join SAFE STRIP next month for the first ‘cluster meeting’ to discuss common approaches with respect to design, development, integration, piloting, dissemination and deployment. The meeting will take place on 20 February 2018 at ERTICO-ITS Europe’s premises in Brussels and is organised by the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) in order to recognise the common aspects of the projects and to agree on common paths dealing with them.

The SAFE STRIP project is about sensors mounted in strips put on the road surface while SAFER-LC ( is about making railroad level crossings much safer. The projects share a common use case – the identification of unguarded railway crossings.

SAFE STRIP and the SAFE-10-T project (, on the other hand, which looks at the physical state and life cycle of transport infrastructure, also share a common use case – the measurement of road deformation with stretch sensors.

This cluster meeting, the first of its kind for the SAFE STRIP project, will be followed by future cluster meetings with other projects sharing common use cases as we all seek to extend our reach and learn from each other project’s experiences.

The project manager Sergio Escriba from INEA and the policy officer from DG MOVE Paola Chiarini will attend this meeting.