Last months have been very exciting for the SAFE STRIP project. The Spanish and Greek test sites have started testing the 1st version of the On Road Unit (ORU) in August and September (M16 &17) which is a result of a common effort by SAFE STRIP partners CEA, CIDAUT, CNR, CERTH/HIT and UPAT. The radio frequency of the Bluetooth channel has been tested during 1st testing iteration, which proved good transmission at distances up to 30 metres in current configuration while alternative configurations and investigations to increase coverage to 70 metres are in progress. The configurations include new ORU antenna and extended height of the receiving node (images below).
Various testings have occurred on different sensors as standalone components: calibration procedure has been conducted on temperature and humidity sensors, gas and oil sensors saw identification of the sensitivity of the developed sensor compared to power consumption while first durability testing and calibration procedure have been conducted  on strain gauge sensors. First design of ORUs saw the first encapsulation design while a solar panel has also been successfully integrated to the unit. SAFE STRIP is on the way for the 2nd technical validation round, in the context of which the integrated strip and all communication channels (I2X, V2X, LTE) will be technically tested for the first time.