On Wednesday 23rd of May, the SAFE STRIP Technical Manager Maria Gkemou and Dionisis Kehagias participated in the first Interoperability Consultation Workgroup. The workgroup was initiated by ERTICO – ITS Europe and brought 9 projects and platforms around the table.

Next to SAFE STRIP representatives of NeMo, C-Mobile, MaaS Alliance, AEOLIX, InterCor, MOBiNET, eMI3 discussed the cross-project need for a standardized C-ITS Services Application Program Interface. Today some services are being deployed in urban areas but are still using non-standardized, proprietary interfaces to the back-end data sources. This prevents the C-ITS market from starting while software developers building for instance smartphone-based applications have a too small market to sell their products. For SAFE STRIP several proposed services should profit from such a standardization effort. Services such as train level crossing detection, Road Wear detection and predictive maintenance, e2Call, parking booking and charging will not be commercial viable unless they can be developed on a pan-European level. Since no proprietary interfaces need to be developed nor maintained, services become less expensive to operate and thus cheaper to the end-user. In addition, service developers can concentrate on the actual service application and not on the interface or back-end data store. Services become decoupled from the cloud-based data stores which increases the accessibility of data, the security of data and the quality of this same data. In general, SAFE STRIP is an infrastructure project but provisioning services to non-equipped vehicles need the development of smartphone applications which without any doubt profit from well standardized APIs.

The SAFE STRIP participants recognize the importance of this activity and are interested to participate in the follow-up workshop which will be organized during the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen.