SAFE STRIP is back with the technical validation and user evaluation activities in Valladolid, Spain. Since the beginning of May 2020, until mid-June 2020, project partner CIDAUT ran its technical validation activities with 16 users to test SAFE STRIP’s technology in a controlled facility, comprising of several roads and crossings, in which vehicles can circulate and park in a fully controlled environment.

Tests ran with the use of one motorcycle and two vehicles, involving six ridersand, and ten drivers, who tested SAFE STRIP’s technology in the following scenarios:

  • Virtual vulnerable road user protection;
  • Virtual toll collection;
  • Virtual message signal: Heavy traffic;
  • Virtual message signal: Oil leak on the road;
  • Application for parking and charging;
  • Work zone detection;
  • Wrong way driving;
  • Motorway exit support;

To learn more about the Spanish pilot site, join CIDAUT and SAFE STRIP members at the virtual final event on 20 July.