Value for stakeholders


Why them?


Industry & SME’s

1. OEM’s (represented by PIAGGIO and CRF in the Consortium)
2. Tier 1 suppliers (represented by CONTI & VALEO)
3. Road Side and Infrastructure elements manufacturers and system integrators (represented by SWM in the Consortium)


1. Their vehicles are the actual “recipients” of SAFE STRIP; compliance with their roadmap is key for the project market penetration.
2. Their components are embedded in SAFE STRIP – need for deep insight on restrictions and potential for innovative applications.
3. Need to explore the most cost-efficient ways for SAFE STRIP integration.
4. Need to provide optimally the driver/rider info & applications.


1. They will get add-ons for their vehicles (either equipped or non-equipped).
2. SAFE STRIP is a key market for them, as it embeds a series of Tier 1 components in the context of innovative applications.
3. SAFE STRIP is a means to enhance the functionality of existing roadside and infrastructure elements (i.e. intelligent road pavement tapes/ markers). It is also a new product family.
4. Ability to develop and sell interfaces and added value services.


1. Sensors providers/ developers (CEA, CNR)
2. Research/developing institutes (CERTH, CTU, UNITN, FhG, UPAT, CTI)


They provide key technology and innovative research that constitute the intelligence of the system.


SAFE STRIP constitutes an open, modular and extendable test-bed for research innovation and provision of relevant services to the industry.


1. Infrastructure Operators (A22, ATTD)
2. Drivers & their associations (ERTICO)


1. They will integrate the system in their roads.
2. They are the direct users of the system.


An innovative, cost-efficient solution is provided to deal with road safety, predictive road maintenance and user information issues, at a very low cost.

Public sector & Authorities

1. Government
2. European Commission


1. They develop regulatory frameworks around infrastructure investments.
2. The EC provides funding incentives for road safety enhancement.
3. The EC promotes autonomous vehicles at C-ITS market.


1. Inspiration for incentive schemes towards SME’s and industries.
2. Project outcomes will enhance road safety.
3. Independent C-ITS and autonomous vehicles implementation tool/carrier.

Multi-actor Associations

All developers, users and authorities committees


Need for wider awareness creation, acceptance and standardisation.


1. Key enabling technology member, developers and services/applications carriers for members/users.
2. Safety enhancement for members/users.