SAFE STRIP is undertaken by a multidisciplinary and complementary Consortium of 18 Partners from 6 countries, with a good representation of all stakeholders, namely a vehicle OEM (CRF), a PTW OEM (Piaggio), 2 system integrators and infrastructure installers (SWM & CEA), 2 Tier 1 suppliers (CONTI & Valeo), 1 SME (RELAB), 8 sensors, algorithms and interfaces developing Institutes (CERTH, UNITN, UPAT, FhG/IAO, CNR, CIDAUT, CTI and ICCS) and 2 end users (ATTD and Α22) as beneficiaries. It is coordinated by ERTICO; thus providing further access to all key stakeholders in the area. There is a very good balance between industry (7 Partners), research (10 Partners) and end users (2 Partners), all operating under the umbrella of ERTICO Partnership, that consists of 115 partners, across 8 different sectors – Mobile Network Operators, Public Authorities, Research Organisations, Service Providers, Suppliers, Traffic & Transport Industry, Users and Vehicle Manufacturers – providing a platform that brings all key ITS players together along the entire value chain.